3-07: Nothing Can Come Between Us

Hey, readers (new and old), here is episode 7. I'd like to thank all the blogs that have linked to us and sent so much traffic our way (Queerty and ProjectQAtlanta and, of course, Darian, again!). And also, you, the readers, are awesome and I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful emails and encouragement you all send my way. A., I missed your Thursday email of love. I., no, I can't write seasons 1 and 2 for you, but thanks for asking me (Buy the DVDs, man!). So, in two weeks, the final episode will be posted, so make sure you give me some feedback on what issues you think need to be addressed or tied up. Okay, see you in two weeks. - NAFF

The Award Goes To
“Thank you so much,” says Alex. He hangs up the telephone.

“Babe, who was that?” asks Trey.

Alex takes a deep breath and grips the desk to keep from falling over. “That was,” he says, trying to catch his breath, “the Urban AIDS Awareness Foundation, and they are awarding me and the clinic an award for our AIDS efforts in the black and Latino community.”

“That’s great, babe!” Trey sweeps across the room and hugs his husband. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Trey, I think I have to sit down.”

“Oh.” Trey grabs Alex’s arm and guides him to the sofa. “You want something to drink?” Alex nods.

Trey returns with a glass of cold lemonade. “Here, babe.”

Alex takes a sip. “Whew. I can’t believe it, honey. All that hard work, the setbacks, just to get our clinic running paid off. And they’re honoring all the volunteers too with an award. That means you, Junito, the guys. Ooh, get me that phone; I’ve got calls to make.”

“Wait, babe. Can we, uh, celebrate before you start making calls?”

Alex looks around the room. “Where’s the baby?”

“I just put him down for a nap.”

Alex straddles Trey and kisses him. “Well, come on, then.”

I Just Want to be Alone
“Come in,” says Noah, opening his hotel room's door. “I haven’t had the time or the energy to work on anything, Brandy. So don't even ask.”

Brandy steps inside the room. “Why is it so dark in here?” she asks, closing the door behind her. She pats the walls looking for a light switch. “Can I at least turn on a light?”

“Don’t turn on the light!” Noah shouts.

She does anyway, and gasps. She slides her oversized sunglasses down her nose, and her eyes open wide  in disbelief at the mess of a man in front of her. She shakes her freshly blown-out head at the sight of the bags under Noah’s eyes, at the dirty jeans falling off his ass, and his frizzy unkempt hair. “Excuse me, I’m looking for Noah Nicholson, is he here?” she asks.

“Brandy, I’m not in the mood,” Noah says, belly flopping onto the disheveled bed. “Just leave the script on the desk.”

She prances over to the bed, and with her hands on her hips, she says, “Tell me those sheets are yours.”


“Are you insane? Never sleep on hotel sheets. I don’t care how many stars it has. Dateline, T.”

Noah pulls the covers over his head. “Brandy, I just want to be left alone.”

“Fine. Suit yourself, Garbo.” She pulls her oversized Balenciaga bag off her shoulder. “Here,” she says, reaching inside and pulling out a brown bag, “I brought you croissants.”

“I don’t want them.”

“But you love croissants.”

“I’m not hungry, Brandy. Just leave.”

“I’ll leave them on the desk.” She reaches in her bag again and pulls out her cell phone before sneakily dropping her bag on the side of the desk. “I’m going now. I’ll call you later.”

Noah removes a hand from under the sheet and waves it in the air. “Don’t bother. I’m turning my phone off again.”

Brandy slowly closes the door, and once she's outside, she frantically dials a number on her cell phone. “It’s worse than I thought,” she says, impatiently pacing the hotel hallway waiting for the other end to pick up. “Alex!” she screams into the phone.

On the Hunt
The doors of Trade Analysis are violently pulled opened. “Wade?” Rafael asks, startled. “Excuse me for a second,” he says to a customer.

“I’m looking for Ricky,” Wade says, coming behind the counter and going directly to the backroom.

“Uh, you can’t go back there,” Rafael says following behind him. “Excuse me, what the hell are you doing?”

“Just tell me if he is here,” Wade says, kicking open a storage closet door.

“He’s not here, Wade. I’ve been opening the store for him for the last two days. What’s going on?”

“If you talk to him, just tell him Wade is looking for him,” Wade says, leaving the way he came in.

Steady Ground
“Noah, open up, it’s Brandy. I forgot my bag,” Brandy says, knocking on Noah’s hotel door. “Hurry up! I have another meeting to get to.”

Noah groans and crawls from underneath the sheets, taking his sweet time to open the door. He blindly finds the doorknob and opens the door. “Where is it?” he asks, shielding his eyes from the hallway light.

“I must have left it by the desk,” Brandy says through a wide smile.

Noah walks over to the desk and finds the huge bag on the floor. “How the hell do you forget a bag this big?” he says to himself. He picks up the heavy bag with both hands “What’s in this damn thing?” he asks, handing it to Brandy.

“My career. Your career. My life.” Brandy eyes roll to the left and she takes a step back.

“Thank you, gir,” says Alex, appearing suddenly from Brandy’s left side, “I’ll take it from here.” He pushes the door open completely and barges in. “Call you later, gir.”

“Alex, what are you doing here?” Noah asks.

“I come to get you out this dark ass depressing hotel room,” says Alex, flicking open the curtains, letting the blinding sunlight flood the dark room. He cracks the windows and lets in fresh air. Noah covers his eyes and turns away from the light. Alex picks up his Louis Vuitton duffel bag and grabs a can of air freshener and starts spraying. “Chile, it’s stuffier in here than in a fat man’s pants.”

“Alex, I came here to not deal with life for awhile. I need some time to get myself together.”

“No,” says Alex, grabbing Noah by the arms and pulling him to the bathroom, “what you need is a shower.”

“Alex, listen to me,” says Noah, resisting.

Alex pushes him in the bathroom and closes the door. “Ten minutes!”

Noah comes from his shower and finds Alex setting up a tray with fresh orange juice and croissants. “Did you enjoy your shower?” Alex asks, fanning open a napkin.

Noah shakes his head and sits on the bed. “Alex, th-“

“Wait.” Alex slides the tray over to Noah. “I want you to eat something first, then we can talk.”

It had been three days of him being cooped up in a stuffy hotel room, surviving only on three mini bottles of blackberry Stoli, two packets of peanut M&Ms, and red bull from the mini-bar. But even Noah surprised himself at the voracity with which he attacked those croissants and orange juice.

“I brought you some clean clothes,” says Alex, pulling neatly folded clothes from his duffel bag and placing them next to Noah.

“Thank you,” says Noah, his mouth full of croissant. He thinks of French toast suddenly. He stops eating. “Alex, how is Ricky?”

Alex sighs. “I ain’t gon’ lie, he is in bad shape. I took him some soul food last night and he barely ate any of it.”

Noah’s head falls into his hands. “It’s all my fault. This is just one big mess! Ricky probably hates me now.”

“To tell you the truth, I ain’t thinking ‘bout Ricky right now. Ricky ain’t the one hiding out in some hotel room starving to death.”

Noah holds his aching stomach. “I think I ate too fast,” he says. He unfolds the shirt Alex laid out and puts it on. “Anyway, I’ve probably ruined our friendship for good now.”

“Y’all had sex?”

“Close, but Wade came over right before anything could happen. They fought and Wade looked like he would kill us both.”

“That’s a shame,” Alex says, shaking his head. “Years of friendship down the drain, and for what?”

“It’s my fault, Alex. I should have never let things get as far as they did. I don’t know what I was thinking. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Noah, I get it. I understand.”

“You do?”

“Yeah,” says Alex, joining Noah on the bed, “I made the same mistake a few years ago.”

“You cheated on Trey?” asks Noah, shocked.

Alex drops his head. “Almost. It was my insecurity at work. I doubted myself and I doubted our relationship. Can you imagine that? All those years we’d been together and I still couldn’t accept Trey’s love. I didn’t believe Trey could love me; I thought I didn’t deserve to be loved, that no one loves a person like me. My old insecurities surfaced, and I acted out.”

Noah’s eyes well up. “Oh, Alex,” he says, laying his head on Alex’s shoulder.

“When I found myself on the Internet, telling some man all the things I would do to him, while Trey was sleeping in the next room, and actually planning to have him come over when Trey went to work the next day, I slapped myself. Literally. Girl, I ain’t never cried as hard as I cried that night. I was a mess. Here I was, about to throw away a relationship I, no we, worked hard for just because I couldn’t accept love can be unconditional; that Trey loved me for me, and that he saw me better than I saw myself.”

Alex looks at Noah. He grabs a Kleenex and wipes Noah’s tears. “No, no. Don’t cry,” he says, wrapping his arms around his friend. “Listen to what I’m saying. Let Wade love you. Stop fighting him. You ain’t giving him steady ground.”

“But Alex he was talking to Dre-”

“Did you hear anything I just said?”

“I heard you, but-“

“Unh-uh, no buts. When a person doesn’t have steady ground to walk on, they are not secure in knowing they are taking the right steps. Wade ain’t never had steady ground with you; maybe not even with himself. You’ve got to be the one who gives it to him.”

“And what about my ground?”

“Noah, as quiet as I have kept it, you don’t have to worry about the ground.”

“I don’t?”

“No. Because Wade always carries you.”

Nothing Can Come Between Us
“Thank you, Alex,” says Noah, leaning across the passenger seat and kissing Alex on his cheek.

“I’ll call you later,” says Alex. He hugs Noah. “Now, go talk to your husband, gir.”

Alex waits and watches as Noah slides his key into the door and disappears behind it. “Jesus, let them get it right,” he says, driving off.


Noah finds Wade in the kitchen, eating a sandwich at the counter; his back is to the kitchen door. He walks slowly up to Wade and taps him on his shoulder.

Wade jumps, dropping his sandwich. “Wh-”

“Hey.” Noah sits down at the table and kicks out a chair for Wade to sit in. “Can we talk?”

Wade shrugs his shoulder. “Okay,” he says, sitting down.

Noah takes a deep breath. “First, I just want to say that I want to work at this,” says Noah, already starting to tear up. “We have been through a lot, and there will be more to go through, but I know…” He takes a moment to wipe his tears and compose himself. “I know whatever it is I have to go through, I want to go through it with you by my side.”

Wade exhales and scoots his chair over to his husband. “Baby,” he says, grabbing Noah’s hands, “I know I made a mistake, and I want you to know that I am sincerely sorry. I was scared. I was scared of losing you. I felt like you would never trust me or believe that I would walk through fire for you. I felt like I could never win.”

“I was scared too, Wade. I thought if I let work distract me, then I wouldn’t have to deal with the fear I was feeling.”

“We have been through a lot, but hasn’t it always made us stronger?” Wade asks.

Noah shakes his head. “And I want us to be even stronger.”

Wade tears up. “Noah, I love you. I love you more that I love myself. I found myself through you.”

“Wade, I love you, too.” Noah hugs his husband, pulling him tight against his body. Wade pulls him from his chair onto his lap. Noah stares into Wade’s eyes. “I love you so much, Papo.”

I always hope that you remember
We'll never really learn the meaning of it all
What we have is strong and tender
So hold on

“I know this won’t be easy,” Wade says, “but I don’t want easy. I want us.”

In the middle of the madness
When the time is running out and you're left alone
All I want is you to know that
It's strong still
Can't pull us apart"

Noah kisses his husband like the night he was carried to his bedroom and the world stopped for those precious few hours and they made love like they would die tomorrow; a kiss to his soul, which no man has ever been able to do. “Wade,” he says, “make love to me.” Wade picks him up, and carries him up the stairs and into their bedroom--where he belongs.

"Nothing can come
Between us
Nothing can pull us apart
Can come
Between us

I always hope that you remember
What we have is strong and tender
In the middle of the madness
Hold on

So it truly is a good thing
And I always wanted you to know
There is always this
And this is everlasting
Hold on

It's about faith
It's about trust (yeah, yeah)
It's about faith
It's about trust

Nothing can come
Nothing can come
Nothing can come between us
Nothing can come
Nothing can come
Nothing can come between us

Can come
Can tear
Can pull
Us apart

Can come
Can tear
Can pull
Us apart

Lyrics used in this work belong to Sade and are used without permission.


Renee said...

Now thats the T, I loved it.

Great episode Naff, se ya in 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

perfect...! most outstanding NAFF...

Virgil ...the prodigy said...

simply breathtaking....of course like many others i am a fan of NA and thought the movie was great but truly didnt know what could surface more following the movie you have written a great outline idea of some true issues...love it.. i do wish though u could have explored more into eddie and chance and alex and trey's relationship more in the episodes . . but overall what youre doing is keepin many hardcore NA fans thirst for more definitely quinched until patrick gives us MORE.....cant wait to the finale....(and also whats next for you....)

Anonymous said...

I knex Alex would be ready 2 clear up these stunts & shows! Nice touch with Brandy's return! NAFF I think to his core Ricky knows Noah loves Wade....is it possible 4 their friendship 2 truly recover? Maybe Ricky will use his own advice....the only 2 get over a brother like 'Noah' is 2 get under a brother like '???'

NoahLovesWade said...

Great episode. Love the way Alex gounds Noah. Letting him know that Wade is always there for him no matter what. Love that Brandy was back and acting as a catalyst. What will happen with Ricky? will he spiral into a worst state of sex addiction? What about Noah asking Wade for an HIV test? Seriously, Noah needs to stop being so childish and selfish and start giving back.

You're killing me with the two week wait. Worst than HBO Gir!!!!!!

Kree said...

"So, in two weeks, the final episode will be posted, so make sure you give me some feedback on what issues you think need to be addressed or tied up. Okay, see you in two weeks. - NAFF"


Will Chance take that trip to Paris, or maybe, in his signature subtle way, upset Eddie by telling him his band sucks? Either way some drama is about to test their already fragile marriage.

Will Ricky's pain give him a chance to evolve into a person more open to the idea of love, or will he just go back to his old tricks, and pick up a few new ones too?

Alex is riding high with the news that the clinic will be receiving an award. His life seems to finally be coming together, but some much anticipated results could bring his world crashing down.

Noah is back in Wade's arms where he belongs, but their life together seems to begin and end in the bedroom. Will the ARC be willing to let Wade into the group that plays such a central role in Noahs life, and more importantly, will Noah?

....Thanks to NAFF, your doing an amazing job. Looking forward the finale.

Anonymous said...

kree...loved ur loose ends....u really made me say hhhhmmmm....about 'woah'...not much has gone on between them but sex &/or conflict....maybe it could be time for NOAH to move on the 'baby' request that wade mentioned in broom?

are wade's career aspirations ok...or is that a source of his frustration? noah is working on another movie script...& wade is tutoring other writers & volunt'ng at the aids clinic? will brandy have some great news about one of wade's scripts?

next...alex...mentioned junito's return? sometimes those internet hook ups go south FAST....if it's the same guy from the last few episodes of season 2...could junito realize ...it's RICKY he wants instead!!??

will trey & alex's baby get his aids results?

what about chance & the ripple...oops wine:)? & that cute little 'kee kee' oops I mean KENYA...will eddie play the 'kid' card 2 convice chance 2 stay stateside?

& dre ...will dre pull a bunny from a boiling pot of water?! wade is always just out of his grasp...will he finally SNAP because wade won't be his yet again?!

NAFF...what will I do for TWO weeks?!

Ahana said...

Naff I like how visual you made each scene. I can see this playing out so easy. You have the character voices down! and you work Alex. You gotta give us a season 4.

Anonymous said...

poor ricky...quincy should have told him about noah...'that's what you do noah...you make men fall in love with you & then you're sorry!'

loose ends? retun of many more characters for the finale...dre? guy? brandon?

loved it NAFF!

Anonymous said...

To my dear noah's arc angel...in a word...MAGIC...

YOU have of course done it again...Wade's through the fire declaration of love...was a sincere tattoo imprint of his dedication...

Will the finale end with a dramtic cliffhanger like the season 2 finale...or a colgate-smile finish like JTB?

As usual...I am at your mercy:)

Anonymous said...

I have a strong feeling...the awards ceremony..during the finale....may be a volitile venue! will ricky be able 2 take seeing the rekindled 'woah'..will he lose it?...will chance make a drunken acceptance speech...putting the spotlight on his much needed 'intervention' drama? hhhhhmmm?

thank you NAFF! I JUST CAN'T WAIT:)

Anonymous said...

loose ends?

please fill in the blanks on how dre & wade met...their 'love' story...& what happened after the accident between wade & noah...maybe a flashback....?


Anonymous said...

What was Wade thinking about storming into Trade Analysis...didn't Noah just tell him in last week's episode...violence is always HIS answer...

Rafael is truly Employee of the Month:)

Patiently waiting for two weeks!

Great job!!

Anonymous said...

hi naff:) now that noah has the long overdue approval of wade...from mama alex....i think this WILL finally work....so I imagine the finale will have 2 be some type of ...shocker secret revealed...? maybe a love child frome wades straight days that he never knew about?!....

Noah's Arc Fan 4 LIFE said...

Do you guys remember Robert, I'm not sure why I remember. Robert is Eddie's Ex, Kenya's other father. What if he comes back into the picture and wants to reunite with his daughter because he's the biological father. After being lock up he's finally out, track down Eddie and wants to prove to him that he has change and now his life is on track. How would chance react since he can't get Brandon out of his head.

What if Alex's internet almost hook-up just happens to be the Host of the Award show.

Anonymous said...

Ok yall getting campy. Naff keep it classy like it's been.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Robert? From the webisodes...interesting idea:)

What other suggestions can we give NAFF??


Maybe the finale...can be ANOTHER year has gone by....???

Anonymous said...

I honestly feel Noah and Ricky should be together the chemistry they had since the beginning can't be denied even wade picked up on it from the beginning.. Noah is good for Ricky... I felt this since Noah was bashed and the way Ricky was you could tell he had feelings for Noah and vice versa...

Anonymous said...

and please make it super long I feel there alittle short I was love to read the finale and it e super long to expore it all

Anonymous said...

Noah & Ricky...Nicky... :)

That IS what has been so amazing about NAFF...since enjoying episodes 1-7...if I recall back to the original NA & JTB...I can see the things that NAFF picked up on...& has developed into such detailed story lines...it's simply a seamless transition...I want more length too:) I'm such a NAFF hog:)

But back to Nicky...that made say "hhmmm"...& believe me after Wade was Webcaming with Dre of all people...I began hoping for the underdog love-sick Ricky myself...their ALMOST love scenes WERE hot!

Then...I had a flashback to Wade & Noah...they are so IN love...JTB...was the ultimate love-fulfilled...I remember watching the last frame of the movie...& saying ...THEY MADE IT!!!

I just can't see Noah choosing Ricky over Wade...then his worries would turn FROM...does my husband still love his ex; does my husband still want woman... TO does my husband still want EVERYONE "even Arturo?" :)

Anonymous said...

NAFF...I am usually so excited about episode eve night...but alas...one more week to go...

That's ok...absence makes the heart grow fonder:)

Thought...Ricky has never flaunted his $$$...maybe he will use it in some way to affect the final episode?

Thought...will someone get a job offer that may take a key character out of town? something they can't refuse?

Thought...more steamy scenes...???

I know you may be "half" way done writing or editing...just missing NAFF:)

Thank you again for this wonderful gift!!!!

In the meantime commenters...let's discuss our NA obsession...

How did you find out about NA?
What has the show meant to you?
What touches you most?
Who is your fav N ARC/W & why?
Has anyone heard Jensen Atwood sing?
What do you all know about any projects that guys or Patrick are doing?

What's your favorite NAFF moment?

Ok- just passing time til' next week:) What's the T? Holla back gir!!!!

Noah's Arc Fan 4 LIFE said...

RT: U 1ST.

How did you find out about NA, What does T show mean 2 u, what touches u most, who is ur fav, and their is a sample second song of Jensen of singing the Sparrow on u-tube.
Darryl and Patrik r on twitter, follow them.

ok, me 1st

My fav Naff moment: 3-07 of course! never give up on ur spouse especially when u have a good one.
Why is it that Noah is still depending on the Arc to bail him out, because he's scared, scared of what. Ok yall, if u think about it.. Noah and Wade has probably being knowing each other for maybe 5yr now and y is it that Alex could see that Wade is a good man and Noah could. He should have listen to Alex T 1st time, nip it, zip it, & skip it beore it get out of hand.
See what happens when u dont listen....
U should've never let him choke his chicken, all he wanted was some loving.

Somebody said that Wade is a Sex addick/addict, girr.. after 7yrs of marriage I'm still a sex addict.

3/2: Fight or Fuck, 3/3: Back 2 Life & I love u Boy
When u have a man who pleases u like that,
What T F--- is Noah scared of, his man is doing all T work anyway.
Fight or Fuck, I guess fight won, oh no at T end of 3/7 fuck won.

Noah, hold on boo boo, cause these b------
R line up around the block just waiting 4 u 2 slip up.

# Remember, 3-02
Ricky condoms carpet days, the mongolian contortionist. Oh my
Ricky wondering back on how he use to get'em sprung but now I think he's T 1 sprung, over some 1 that he will never be able to Top.

#Trey made T chicken noodle soup, and Alex redecorated his wall with it, n then their was a flying spoon..

# 3-01 Ten Seconds
Noah walk in the kitchen, "Umm-hum," say Alex, cutting a look to Chance. Chance raises an eyebrow and nods.
& 3/3 chicken 4 T soul
Chance - Ricky has been acting strange lately
Noah - Chance Ricky's is in love with me
Chance - I know
Noah - u do, do u think Alex knows
Chance - who do u think told me

I love T whole chicken 4 T soul conversation.
I love 3/4 episodes.

Anonymous@ 4/29/09 10:49pm
Look what u started, I can't stop, but I'm gonna stop. I'll talk about the rest later.

Anonymous said...

Dear Noah's ARC Fan 4 Life...you ARE a true fan...& quite entertaining:)!!

I did try to you tube Jensen Atwood singing...& STILL can't find it!!!

Could you please post the link to that on our gem... NAFF blog?

Continue your thoughts of all things NAFF & the orginal NA...as we die hard fans need to occupy our time until next week...

Any other commenters??

Another question to add to the questions posted earlier...which do you think would be the better couple...Noah & Ricky...or Noah & Wade???

Dear NAFF...much APPRECIATION to YOU...& have a terrific weekend!!!

DM2COY said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! Mr. Jensen is so talented!!! Ok- next should be an album:) Also, I saw that he is touring & reading Langston Huges poetry...& he too is a poet! Isn't it amazing how much talent some people have!!! What makes it more wonderful - Jensen Atwood appears to be beautiful inside (AND of course OUTSIDE!! ;)

I wish NAFF could write a screenplay for Jensen...he's looking to get into the action film genre...

NAFF you could write a story about how Jensen overpowers DUMB LOGO execs that took away our Noah & ARC!! He'd be the champion of all things groundbreaking & entertaining!! Then he REALLY would be OUR superhero!

Speaking to NAFF...I want to say aain - how much I appreciate you for taking the time to write such a TERRIFIC season three!!!!

There are a lot of directions the final episode could go in...here's to your creativity & YOUR talent!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday evening:)!

Anonymous said...

ok...since no new NAFF this week...had to go back and pick out a few NAs to watch- such a delicious past "time"...Last night I re-watched the season 2 finale...& that's when I realized that in the season 1 finale...Noah got busted in the bathroom with Malik by Wade...right before a failed marriage proposal of Alex to Trey...

now...in season 2...Noah got busted in the bathroom with Wade by Dre...right before a (probable) failed marriage proposal of Dre to Wade...

Any more Noah's Arc-isms out there that anyone could share?

By the way DM2COY...where DID you find that clip of Jensen singing...what's the T gir?!!! don't hold out on us die-hard fans...that's up there with Jensen on Battledome (the link from his myspace fan page:):)

Anyway NAFF...outstanding job on season 3...& this has been true therapy...speaking of which...if the final episode does happen to be one year later ...like another person stated...

Ricky has gone to therapy and worked on his issues...& now is even trying monogamous dating

Chance & Eddie have split...as part of a drastic intervention...to make Chance see he needs help...Chance is now successfully working on his 12 step program...& is working to win Eddie back...by helping his band get gigs

Trey & Alex...have the clinic running so successfully...that Alex follows his dream and opens up a soul food restaurant

Noah & Wade...well they could be tearing up the red carpet Ellen D. style...bringing a new dimension to the Will & Jada swagg

But ...alas...there has got to be drama...lurking for Noah & his ARC & Noah's true love Wade...what could it be?

Whatever it is can it have lots of passion!!?? :)

Ok...that's enough for the "popcorn masses" :)

BRIANNA said...

Naff, love what you're doing. I will follow anything and everything that you're are doing.

I'm really glad to see that someone in the Arc family finally notice that Wade is a good man. Not sure why they never really like him, Wade has always been their for Noah.

Noah and Wade for the better couple, They both really do love each other.

Anonymous said...

brianna...i guess because wade WAS straight...they were all overly skeptical about wade

Noah's Arc Fan 4 LIFE said...

Naff favs moments cont...

Another Reminiscing day 4 Ricky & he turns down another trick...
T -Uh... how does 1 get in touch with u? he asks
R - I'm always here
T - I mean, outside of here
R - I'm always here

Ricky's got it bad, I believe that Ricky is still feeling Trapped, middle-age & out of it. The idea of everyone having a soulmate is freaking him out.

awwhhh so romantic
Love when Eddie says... I remember when u ordered Indian food & pretended to cook it, I also love the conversation at the end..
C - Listen, Uh I- I know this band is ur dream.. but
E - What happens 2 a dream deferred
C - After a swollen pause, Chance smiles. Uh.. does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?
E - Eddie throws his head back and laughs. "That's our new piece."
C - Chance looks into Eddie eyes again, he breathes out. I can't wait to hear it.

That right Chance breed... nip it, zip it & clip it. Trust.. remember what happen. Eddie's band in college Lead Parasol, you said they sucked. SLAPPPED
Eddie's in another band, Lead Parasol Redux
Chance says they're terrible.
Love the fact that Eddie laugh and said That's the name of our new piece.

Love 3/4, 3/5, & 3/6 episodes, if I talk about it I will ram on and on and on, but this I will say
3/5 - y is Noah discussing Wade's kissing style with Ricky, ok... they're suppose 2 be drunk, off of what
some wine.. please....
girrr, even if ur my bestfriend, I'm still not gonna discuss how my man kisses.
3/6 - Love when Noah went 2 a hotel instead going back 2 Ricky's apartment.


Naff, I loved all of the episodes.

- Who's T better couple, N/W or N/R, ☺N/W☺

Anonymous said...

Loved your latest reflections...

hhmmm...a middle-aged Ricky...it is kinda sad to see a player playa...to finally find love...TRUE love...& he can't have the love returned in the way that he so deeply desires it to be...why?!...no answer for poor Ricky....he's looking at his black book...where men would come RUNNING...but the one he wants...is just outside of his GRASP....

hhhmmm....What's your opinion about Richky thinking of "cornrows" after his failed attempt with a faceless choc. trick? Do you think Ricky could have an attraction to Wade...thin/line thing?

hhhmmm...let's talk KISSING...as DCM2COY stated about his/her kissing style...I guess IT must be something to REALLY talk about!:) I wish Jensen Atwood would let me just assess that for MYSELF;) LOL

...I guess with Noah going to a hotel in episode 6...he really needed private time away....it really got to him seeing Wade break down over their wedding album...this time...PRIVATE soul searching was needed...he had to know what would happen if he went back to Ricky's! What did go through Noah's mind under those germy hotel sheets??? Dateline T!

I'm with you though...why did it take SOMEONE to TELL him that Wade is a good man that ALWAYS provides 'steady ground'?!

At the end of episode 7..."Wade make love to ME"...& his PRINCE carried him once again to where he belongs!

Noah HAS done things to show that he has Wade's back & that he loves HIM...like in Season one ...trying to get him on board with Fine Art...when Brandy said Wade's just not IT anymore...but if we did a side by side comparison...of which one out of Noah vs. Wade....has shown their true love...it would be WADE hands down...mostly because he had the much bigger initial step...he had to admit I'm falling in love with a MAN!

Well...NAFF tomorrow IS the big day...


Any final thoughts NAFF fans?

NAFF said...

I just want to clarify the cornrows reference: Ricky punches the pillow, and imagines it is Wade he is punching instead.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for more. This is great!!!!!

ustchica05 said...

OMG!! I just found this and I cant stop reading... we all need more!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm new... hope to post around more time after time!

Anonymous said...

I love this, not only does Noahs arc flims helps out in the gay comm. it also relates to the america people pd.I really have been learning a lot about passion,love, and I'm 32 years old,I'm like a person that never really been kissed, so watching a mans (gay role) helps me understand a little more of what a man needs or wants, and to know that we all have a heart and soul with feeling rather man or woman. I love the show and I pray it comes back to life, for all people. one heart.. Ronnie