A Little Gem

My favorite line: "Monogamy, my ass! Everybody cheats. I'm fuckin' with somebody as we speak who's creeping around on his boyfriend."

Oh, that Ricky.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "little gem":) I ran across this on YouTube awhile back...and thought it was TERRIFIC! The producers really did a LOT to get this show on the air! In case any other bloggers didn't know...you can catch digisode extras on Logo.com...& I wish I could remember where...but if you surf the net...there was another Noah's ARC trailer similar to what you posted ...some of the same scenes from season 1 ...except they have on different clothes...it runs for maybe 5 minutes...but to my mystery writer of Season THREE...thank YOU a million times over...you are doing an OUTSTNDIG job!