Coming Thursday

Alex starts the engine. “I don’t know how you managed to get Ricky to come to lunch with us,” he says, pulling off. “Ain’t nobody seen his ass in weeks.”

Chance sighs, placing a hand against his forehead. “I told him it would be just you, me, and him. Pulling teeth would’ve been more fun.”


Ricky breathes out. “Alex, it’s not that. It’s…just…that I’m going through some things.”

“I got that. But we’re your friends, Ricky. Ain’t nothing that deep that you can’t come to us.”

Ricky takes off his glasses. “Look at these dark circles,” he says.

Alex jumps. “Damn, bitch,” he says, laughing.

“See,” says Ricky, snatching a roll from the bread basket and throwing it at Alex. “Everything is a joke to you.”

Alex shrieks. “Oh, now you’ve done it, Ricky.”

Ricky sits up straight. “Okay, you’re going to read me, right…gir?”


Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I needed that. Episode 3-04 is complete. See you on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

What a teaser...what will Chance, Alex, & Ricky discuss at lunch...what new inner deamons will Ricky reveal???? I just can't wait...Thank you thank you thank you....I wonder if you'll write more beautiful poetry...especially along with the love seasons...even though we have new details into the "heat" that Noah & Wade share...your poetry makes it just as hot and yet tasteful as the series...have I mentioned THANK YOU?

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you could create episodes that would offer flashbacks to fill in the blanks between the time of the accident on Black Pride weekend to the present. What happened to Dre? Why hasn't Ricky told Noah that he loved him as more than a friend until the day of Noah's wedding? Above all, Please keep Noah and Wade together.:-)

Marsha said...

thanka so much. keeo em' coming

Justsoukno1 said...

I am soooo hooked on this. When I say that I fowarded your blog to everyone that I know who loves Noah's Arc..... I can't wait till thrusday.... Keep up the good work.